To complete BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Join the Mean Girls clique in high school
  • Become a famous runway model
  • Achieve 90 percent fame
  • Publish a book about your career
  • Pose for a nude photoshoot

Completing BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective in the challenge. Start by creating a female character with high looks and health stat, and then follow the steps explained in the chart below.

ObjectiveHow to Complete it
Join the Mean Girls clique in high schoolTo do this, you need to join the Mean Girls clique after starting high school around age 14. Click on the School option and select the Mean Girls Clique option. If they do not accept you, try to engage in mean and mischievous things from the Activities tab to increase your notoriety. School > Clique > Mean Girls.
Become a famous runway modelTo complete this objective, you will need to keep your Looks stat pretty high. Visit the salon, go on walks, and hit the gym at regular intervals. Maintain your Looks stat above 90 and try to get a job as a Foot Model from the Jobs section. Continue that path till you become a Hand Model, then Catalog Model, Lingerie Model, and finally a Runway Model.
Achieve 90 percent fameTo do this, you will need to unlock the fame option. Focus on your career, do commercials and engage with your fans on social media. With time, you will open the fame tab. Repeat the process until you reach the prescribed 90.
Publish a book about your careerOnce the fame option is unlocked, you will have the opportunity to write books about yourself. Use the activities tab to write the book.
Pose for a nude photoshootDuring your modeling career, you will be approached to pose and act nude. Accept the offer to complete the given objective.

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