There are a total of three weekly challenges players can complete during this month’s Valhalloween event in Tribes of Midgard. Each challenge will also start at a certain date this month and last only for a certain amount of time.

Completing these weekly festive challenges will reward players with unique rewards to enjoy during this Halloween. Here’s the full start and end date and what rewards you can earn listed below.

Festive ChallengeStart DateEnd DateHow to Complete it?Reward
Festive Challenge oneOctober 12thOctober 18thKill a total of 20 LinnormsHeadstone loot chest
Festive Challenge twoOctober 19th October 25th Kill 50 Val HelthingsLittle Stranger Pet
Festive Challenge threeOctober 26th November 1stKill 75 Pumpkin GoblinsValhalloween Portrait 

Overall these challenges are not that tricky to complete if you know where to start. That said, here’s how to complete all three challenges and what you will need to do in Tribes of Midgard:

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How to complete Festive Challenge one in Tribes of Midgard?

To complete the first challenge in Tribes of Midgard, players will need to kill Linnorms that can be found roaming the Lands of Pool region of the game. Before fighting a Linnorm, we highly recommend making a weapon that has void or dark damage as the big lizard is weak to void damage.

Weapons such as the Sigyn’s Blade, Serpent Tongue, and Eilvager Bow fall under this category, and so we highly recommend making them before heading into battle with the creature. After you kill a total of 20 Linnorms, you will earn the Headstone loot chest that replaces the standard wood chest that drops when you die.

How to complete Festive Challenge two in Tribes of Midgard?

The second festive challenge for Tribes of Midgard will start on October 19th. To complete the second challenge, you will need to kill a total of 50 Val Helthings. You can do this by waiting for a horde night or an attack on the village as helthings only appear during this time. But before you head out and try to find helthings, we would recommend bringing a weapon with lightning damage as helthings are weak to it.

How to complete Festive Challenge three in Tribes of Midgard?

To complete the third Festive Challenge, you will need to wait until October 26th, when it starts. On October 26th, you will then need to go to the Land of Pools and locate and defeat a total of 75 goblins. Doing so will earn you a unique Halloween portrait.

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