You can only hold three guns in Jupiter Hell, so comparing weapons to find the best ones to take down enemies is an amazing mechanic, and to use to is extremely straightforward.

When a weapon is on the ground, all you have to do is move up to it, so you are on top of said weapon. Then hold down the Left Trigger or Shift, and this will compare the weapon you have equipped to the one on the ground.

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If you have a slot spare out of your three weapons while still holding down LT/Shift, press A or G. This will equip the weapon, and put the weapon in the next available slot, that you can freely switch between. By pressing Right Trigger, and X, Y, or B, or 1, 2, or 3 on your keyboard.

  • X/1 is slot one
  • Y/2 is slot two
  • B/3 is slot three.

If all three spaces are full, the next weapon you pick up will be exchanged for the one you currently have equipped, so keep that in mind.

Do take note of the color of the weapon on the floor. If the pistol is yellow, this means that it’s the same stats as the pistol you currently have equipped, so picking it up is useless. If it’s another color, then go and swap the weapon as it’s better!

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