MultiVersus is a free-to-play fighting game where you can play with some of the most popular characters that the company Warner Bros. Discovery owns. That is a vast catalog that opens up exciting crossovers. How about Bugs Bunny fighting against Shaggy from Scooby Doo? That is now possible, and it’s an amusing concept! It’s also great that characters have interesting skill sets and combos.

Best MultiVersus characters for combos

There are a lot of entertaining fighters to play with in MultiVersus. Some are popular (or infamous) because they’re easy to play and can hit hard. Yes, we’re looking at you, Taz, go nerf yourself! But some characters have effective combos, making them excellent playing options. With a bit of practice, you’ll beat everyone in MultiVersus, even Taz and his Tornado!

MultiVersus Arya from Game of Thrones (Assasin)

Arya Stark is well known to all fans of Game of Thrones. And if you watched this show, you know that she can only be Assassin class in MultiVersus. Arya can become an opponent with the Face-stealer ability. Combining that ability with her attacks allows Arya to create powerful combos. Arya’s basic combo move combines rapier swing and knife stab.

MultiVersus Batman (Bruiser)

Batman is one of the characters that need no introduction. In MultiVersus, he is a bruiser class that likes to throw his Batarang around, which is essential for his combo moves, but you can also use Bat-bomb and Smoke bomb in combination with other moves. Batman is great if you love experimenting with combos, as the Dark Knight gives you many options with his bat attacks.

MultiVersus Superman (Tank)

Superman is the first real superhero that appeared in the comics, so, understandably, he’s unstoppable. Luckily, that’s not the case in MultiVersus, as it’s boring to be overpowered. Don’t worry, he’s still a super-strong tank class character. The Man of Steel has excellent specials you can use in combos, like Heat Vision and Locomotive charge.

MultiVersus Finn from Adventure Time (Assasin)

With Finn the Human, it’s always adventure time (pun intended). In MultiVersus, Finn is an assassin class fighter which means he’s not that strong but is very fast. Finn is one of the most popular characters because of his skills with a sword. His arguably most popular move is the Flying Sword Moves! combo that consists of two sword attacks.

MultiVersus Harley Quinn (Assasin)

Harley Quinn is a very popular character thanks to the theatrical version brought by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad and the hugely popular Harely Quinn animated series. She is an assassin class fighter with some of the best combat skills in the game. Her basic combo moves like Clown Combo and Confetti Grenade! can be even more deadly when paired with specials.

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