There are tons of interesting features to explore in Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, including the ability to combine items. Combining items is a great way to make use of the various materials and resources you’ll collect throughout your gameplay, so find out how to access this ability to ensure your Rider is always well-stocked on supplies.

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First, open your Camp Menu (press X on Nintendo Switch). You’ll find the Combine tab on the menu’s first page, on the right-hand side.

Clicking on Combine will show you the items you can create by combining various materials that you’ve collected out in the field. Your range of craftable items will be small at first—players will begin with only the recipes for Potion and Paintball:

  • Potion—Restores an ally’s HP by 150. Its refreshing taste makes it easy to drink.
  • Paintball—Increases monster Retreat chance for 3 turns. Most potent on low HP monsters.
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As you progress through the game and complete subquests from the Quest Board and villager requests, you’ll unlock more craftable items.

Toggle over each item in the Combine menu to see which materials, and how many of each, are required to create that specific item. You’ll also be shown how many of each material item you already have in your inventory.

When crafting an item from the Combine menu, you can create multiple items at once to save time. There is also an option to Max out the number of new items you’ll receive, as long as you’re willing to pour all your resources into obtaining the new item.

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