Blossoms Tales 2 is a roguelike RPG game that mainly revolves around exploring its universe, fighting demons, and collecting rare items. During its initial few missions, you are supposed to enter a Moon tournament as part of the Moon festival. The main entry requirement for the competition is to pay 5 Minotaur coins. Many new players often confuse themselves that the default gold coins are the Minotaur coins, but they are not the same and are different entities. To collect the Minotaur coins in Blossoms Tales 2, you must participate and win the small carnival games spread around the Moon Festival celebration area.

All carnival mini-games in Blossoms Tales 2

 A total of 6 mini-games are in the carnival area, and you can collect Minotaur coins from any 5 to save up for your entry fee. Interact with the carnival worker in front of each stall to start the mini-game.

Mini- Game 1 – Test your Strength

You can find the stall near the entrance on the left part.

Mini- Game 2 – Find the Item

You can find the stall near the entrance on the right part.

Mini- Game 3 – Collect the Flags

You can find the mini-game stall adjacent to the announcer.

Mini- Game 4 – Throw the Ball

Inside the purple-colored wizard hut.

Mini- Game 5 – Destroy the Dummies

Inside the green-colored wizard hut.

Mini- Game 6 – Defend the Arrows

Inside the blue-colored wizard hut.

Remember, you will only receive the Minotaur coins if you have won the competition. Also, you cannot receive a second Minotaur coin by playing the same game again.

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