Resources are an important element in Garden Story. They can take the form of simple twigs and stone to much more. These resources can be found in a multitude of ways. To pick up resources, the player must walk to them and press the button or the D key.

Resources can be found through slaying monsters or stones and logs. the method is the same to collect them. Simply walk up to them and smash them with your pick or whatever weapon you are wielding in the case of monsters.

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For stones and logs, you can only mine resources from those that sparkle. Other stones and logs will simply show that you deal no damage and will remain unbreakable. Those that show sparkles can be broken and will drop one to three resources such as twigs, sap, or pebbles.

The player must manually collect them as they will not automatically go into the player’s inventory. There the player can hold onto the resource for quests or send them off to the village. It is a good idea to deposit resources often as Concord can only hold a total of 25 at a time.

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