If you want to gather evidence as a Confidential Informant in BitLife, you will first need to complete a few steps, all of which we explain in this guide.

How to collect evidence as a Mafia Informant in In Bitlife

Once you are a Confidential Informant, you will need to build up a case against your former friends and colleagues in your organized crime family. to do this, you will need to click on one of your fellow mafia members from the relations list and click a notepad pencil icon.

This icon will read Collect evidence against this person, and if you click the icon, you will be able to gather evidence against this person and eventually get them arrested.

When you click yes to collect evidence, you will need to fill up a progress bar. This will take a few years, and upon completion, you will get a message pop up saying your proof has lead to several convictions.  

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However, the amount of evidence you will need to gather can also vary between members of your mafia family. Higher rank members will give you the most, so it’s best to target your boss because of this.

But you can’t just only gather evidence, as your fellow members will get suspicious, so you will need to be a hard-working member of your mafia.

It will also help if you are already respected and have been promoted a few times already. But remember you can’t get caught committing crimes or you will lose your Informant status, so we recommend choosing low-risk crimes.

You may get caught or accused of being a snitch by people in your mob, and in the event of this, you will need to either deny, admit it, or kill them. After you deal with it, you will be able to get back to gathering evidence, and if you collect enough and get your former friends arrested, you will be able to enter the witness protection program and live a brand new life. 

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