Halloween has officially touched down in Pet Simulator X! Thanks to the newest update, released on Oct. 23, 2021, there’s been multiple exciting additions including 13 new pets, three new eggs, a new Halloween Event Plaza, and the ability to collect some spookily sweet Halloween candy! For a full guide all on things Halloween in Pet Simulator X, continue reading below!

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Collecting candy

Candy can be collected the same way that coins and diamonds can be—by breaking piles, gifts, crates, safes, vaults, and chests. For each bundle that your pets open, you will now receive candy along with the pre-existing coin and diamond rewards! The best way to obtain candy quickly is by locating large chests that your pets can break quickly—the large chest in Volcano could be a great place to start!

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Candy can also be collected by farming the large jack-o-lanterns that randomly appear in various worlds. Keep in mind that these candy filled pumpkins have 5 trillion health, so you may want to gather some friends if your pets aren’t highly leveled!

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Halloween Event Plaza

In the Shop area of Spawn World you should see a large cannon near the egg shelves. Hopping into this cannon will send you and your pets flying to the Halloween Event Plaza!

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Here you’ll be able to purchase new eggs, view your inventory of pets, and possibly transform your pets in the future. There’s no way to farm candy or anything in this area, so it doesn’t serve much of a purpose towards the beginning of your candy hunting journey, but if you’re looking to unlock some spooky pets this is the place to be!

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All of the new eggs added with this update and their prices can be found below!

  • Pumpkin Egg – 25k Candy
  • Golden Pumpkin Egg – 225k Candy
  • Eerie Egg – 120k Candy
  • Golden Eerie Egg – 1.08m Candy
  • Cursed Egg – 666k Candy

There’s no news as to when this event will end but it’s expected to leave sometime after Oct. 31, 2021, so grab your candy and limited pets while you can!

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