Paper Mario: The Origami King has a total of 15 trophies to collect on Nintendo Switch, all of which can be found and stored in the Treasures Room of the Toad Town Musée Champignon. Once the conditions have been met and a trophy has been unlocked, you can speak with the museum receptionist to receive a reward.

After you have unlocked the Treasures Room, you will be able to view the requirements for each trophy. At first, the conditions will be marked as ???, but will be filled in after they become available to unlock.

All Trophies

  • Win 200 battles
  • Collect 300,000 coins
  • Hit every ? Block
  • Catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper
  • Win every available battle on Scuffle Island
  • Clear every level of The Ringer
  • Clear 16 levels in Speed Rings in the Battle Lab
  • Collect every coin on Eddy River
  • Get 100 points in expert mode at the Shuriken Dojo
  • Get a perfect score on Shy Guys Finish Last
  • Rescue all origami Toads
  • Obtain every Collectible Treasure
  • Complete the origami character gallery
  • Complete the sound gallery collection
  • Complete the art gallery collection

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