There are numerous collectibles to find in Stray, but none are quite as fun as the badges you can collect on your journey. These are added to your vest to show off your accomplishments. With six to find, you may be wondering how to get all badges in Stray.

Where to find all Badges in Stray

There are six badges, each requiring you to complete a specific task. There is an achievement for collecting all badges, so it is worth it to seek them out. Here is how to collect all the badges in Stray.

How to get Music Badge in Stray

Stray Morusque
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To get the Music Badge in Stray, you must find all eight Music Sheets in the Slums and give them to Morusque. The musician Companion will play you a song for each music sheet, and after the eighth one, give you the Music Badge.

How to get Outsider Badge

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The Outsider Badge is the only badge you receive as part of the story and cannot be missed. After getting the broken tracker fixed from Elliot, Seamus will give you the badge to let Doc know he sent you.

How to get Plant Badge in Stray

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The Plant Badge is acquired in Any Village. You must complete Malo’s request to find all three plant colors. Once you have gathered the three plants, bring these to Malo, who will give you the Plant Badge.

How to get Cat Badge in Stray

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The Cat Badge is found in Midtown, specifically in the merchant’s safe. You must find the code 2511 and open the safe. Inside will be the Cat Badge.

How to get Police Badge in Stray

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To get the Police Badge, you must climb up to the upper floor of the Police Station. Go to the alley on the left side of the Police Station and begin climbing. At the top, before reaching the end, you will see an open window—go through here and grab the Police Badge off the Companion’s body inside.

How to get Neco Badge in Stray

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In the Neco Factory, you will meet a Companion who dropped their keys. Continue to the room with the moving containers blocking the Sentinel’s vision; you will come across barrels floating in the water. Once you jump on the first barrel, turn right and go to the large group of barrels and trash. Grab the keys and return them to the factory worker for the Neco Badge.

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