In Total War: Warhammer 3’s new Realm of Chaos campaign, you’ll start to encounter Rifts to the Realm of Chaos. While these allow you to complete key objectives, the Rifts close to your settlements can wreak havoc on your faction. So, it’s best to close them.

To close Rifts, you’ll need to move an army close to the Rift. Then, with your Faction leader, you will have the option to either travel through or close the Rift. This will trigger a small battle. Each time you close a Rift, the next battle to close the Rift will be more difficult.

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Closing the Rift will stop Chaos armies from entering your domain, but that also stops you from going into that Realm of Chaos.

You can also close Rifts with Heroes. Heroes are able to close a Rift for a cost of 1,500 gold. This prevents you from having to fight a potentially costly battle. It’s great practice to have a Hero travel around and close any Rifts that are causing you issues.

Managing Chaos Rifts is essential to completing the later parts of the campaign where you need to gather the souls of Daemon Princes to complete objectives. 

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