The PlayStation 5 is the fastest console that Sony has ever created. Load times are a fraction of what they were on the PS4. This is convenient, but it also makes a laggy console even more noticeable. How can players speed up their console when it slows down? They’ll have to clear their cache by following the steps below.

Step One: Turn off your PS5. The console will need a hard reset to refresh the system’s cache. Players can do this by pressing the PlayStation button on their controller, scrolling to the power settings on the far right of the menu, and choosing the ‘Turn Off PS5′ button. This will close all games and applications and prepare your console for power cable removal.

Step Two: Wait several minutes before starting step three. Two to Three minutes are recommended before continuing.

Step Three: Once the PS5 has been off for a few minutes, remove the power chord from the back of the console. Wait several more minutes before plugging it in again and turning the console back on.

Step Four: Once the console is reconnected to the power source, turn it on, and the system’s cache should be reset, bringing the system’s speed back.

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