The Crane Returns to the Wild is a four-part Interlude Chapter to the Archon Quest, which revolves around rebuilding the Jade Chamber. The second quest, Seagaze Sunset, will bring you to the Sea Gazer’s Abode in search of the ultra-rare Sunset Vermillionite to once again raise the Jade Chamber to the skies.

The Adepti’s Abode is a Domain that you can only enter while doing this quest. Once you’re done, you can’t go back in again. There are a few small puzzles hidden inside the Domain—read on to find out how to solve them.

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Upon entering, you’ll be tasked to activate the seal on the Ancient Array Core. Start by lighting up the three Geo Lamps indicated by the quest marker. You can do so by picking up a Geograna from Geo rocks, which can be destroyed with Geo Damage or melee Attacks. After obtaining a Geograna, approach a nearby Geo Lamp to light it up.

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Once you light up the Geo Lamp in the area with Hilichurls, a Wind Current will appear, allowing you to access the Geo Lamp in the sky. Once all three have been lit up by Geograna, Slimes will spawn beside the Ancient Array Core.

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After defeating the wave of monsters, the Ancient Array Core will unlock. Attack it to prompt a cutscene that will cause the barrier on the ground to disappear, dropping you down. Be careful about fall Damage!

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After landing, the same pattern will repeat: clear the wave of enemies, then attack the Ancient Array Core. The enemy lineup is more formidable this time around, including a Geovishap. But once the Ancient Array Core’s HP drops to zero, another cutscene will play, and you’ll find yourself dropping further into the depths of the Sea Gazer’s Abode.

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Follow the Seelie into the ruin—make sure to avoid the laser-like obstacles. Head deeper inside and you’ll find Stone Walls. When you interact with them, they’ll move further into the ruin.

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This part is pretty simple. Keep moving the Stone Walls further in until they open up a clearing that allows you to progress further into the ruin. The Stone Walls will stop moving at one point, so just keep moving them until you find the opening.

You’ll encounter one more Ancient Array Core. Like the previous ones, clear the waves of monsters and attack the Core to unlock the next area in the Domain. Watch out for the Geovishap and Ruin Graders.

Once that’s done, follow the Seelie to obtain an Exquisite Chest. Then follow the quest marker to the Sunset Vermillionite, which will prompt a dialogue with Shenhe and complete the Domain. Don’t forget to open the Precious Chest before leaving!

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