In Tower of Fantasy, players will find many advanced structures called Ruins. These tall structures act as gateways to dungeons filled with enemies and loot for the player to find. The loot consists of numerous valuable items, including weapon batteries and relic shards. However, players must gear up to solve puzzles and defeat some bosses while they’re at it. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can clear out Ruin B-03 in Tower of Fantasy.

Ruin B-03 Location in Tower of Fantasy

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Ruin B-03 is located in the southern Banges region in Tower of Fantasy. In order to get there quickly, transmit to the Mt. Woochu Spacerift and head northeast. Scale the mountain in front of you using your jetpack, and you will reach Ruin B-03. The player’s character level needs to be at least level 26 in order to gain access to Ruin B-03.

All Ruin B-03 Chest Locations in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned above, clearing Ruins will grant you with items like weapon batteries, equipment, EXP, and relic shards. The number of chests you find inside the Ruin will depend on the selected difficulty level. Players can find two chests on Easy mode, and four chests on Normal mode. Completing Ruin B-03 will grant the player relic shards to unlock the Couant Relic.

Chest 1 (Easy and Normal)

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The first chest is rather easy to spot, as it can be found on top of the pillar in the middle of the first hall we enter. On the left-hand side of the wall there will be a lever, which you must activate to open the next room. In order to get to the chest on the pillar, simply hop onto the floating platform for a free ride, or use your jetpack and dash to the spot. Then head over to the next room.

Chest 2 (Easy and Normal)

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Enter the next room, and you will encounter three enemies here. A quick way to get rid of them is by using a knock back effect to throw them in the water behind the corridor. However, these enemies are easy, and therefore should be no problem to take down. To the end of this corridor is the second chest, which is located on a moving platform which goes up and down.

Platform puzzle

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Make your way to the next room by jumping on top of the moving cylinders jutting out from the walls. Don’t worry if you fall down, you can simply use the ladder to climb back up and try again. Once you reach the final cylinder, jump to the corridor on the left-hand side.

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Once you’ve made it past the moving cylinders, your next obstacle will be to dodge the moving laser beams. Be careful to avoid touching them at all costs, as they will do massive damage.

Chest 3 (Normal)

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After making it past the lasers, you will encounter the second group of enemies. These will consist of normal enemies, and a mini-boss named Melee Shock Armor. When playing on Normal difficulty, the third chest will be located in this room, and can be found on the right-hand side wall.

Platform puzzle with enemies

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Moving ahead, you will encounter a platform puzzle, with four floating platforms, and a circling laser beam. There will also be some enemy baddies to harass you here. Since there will be flying enemies, it is ideal to have a weapon with ranged attacks to take them out easily. Make sure to avoid the laser at all costs, as it might knock you off the platform and make you fall to death.

Robarg Boss Fight

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In the next room, you will encounter Robarg. This boss summons a legion of needlebees to aid them in battle, and has high damage AoE attacks. They will also summon pillars to knock the player off. The best way to deal with this boss is to constantly keep moving in order to dodge their attacks. Also, try using a ranged weapon to keep doing damage even from a distance.

Chest 4 (Normal)

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After defeating Robarg, the Ruin can be activated by heading through the newly opened door. In order to get there, player’s will need to skip over one final platform puzzle involving two floating platforms. When played on Normal difficulty, the fourth chest can be found in this room. Upon entering this room, look to your left-hand side to find the chest.

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