In Tower of Fantasy, players will find various Ruins while exploring the world. These Ruins usually have a boss fight, and also a couple of chests that you need to locate. Completing these Ruins will reward players with a lot of necessary materials. Here’s how you can find and complete the Ruin A-03 in Tower of Fantasy.

Where is Ruin A-03 in Tower of Fantasy?

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Ruin A-03 is located in northern Astra. You can travel directly north from the Astra Shelter to find this Ruin. The Northern Ring Ranges Spacerift is closest to this Ruin, and we recommend players interact with it first to easily travel to this region. Check the yellow box on the map image above to see the exact location of this Ruin. Similar to other Ruins, you will find a Relic in Ruin A-03.

The Omnium Handcannon Relic can be unlocked right after entering Ruin A-03. This Relic will help players traverse across all the traps set in this Ruin. You will find two chests right after defeating a few enemies. Collect the items from the Chests before moving ahead to the boss fight.

Ruin A-03 Chest locations and how to get them in Tower of Fantasy?

The first Chest is relatively easy to find, and it is located near the mesh which players will see after climbing up to this area. Use the Omnium Handcannon Relic to create a horizontal platform that will help you to climb this spot. The second Chest is hidden in a room guarded by powerful laser beams. Defeat the Hyenas in front of the room first, and then move towards the room. Aim at the middle of the entrance to the room with the Omnium Handcannon Relic to create a structure that disrupts the flow of laser beams. Once that’s done, enter the room quickly, open the Chest, and exit the room before the structure collapses.

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The trickiest part of Ruin A-03 is moving from the second Chest area to the boss fight arena. There is a platform that goes across, but the horizontal laser beams will shred anything it touches. Aim down at the platform and shoot the Omnium Handcannon Relic to create a verticle structure. Jump on top of that structure like shown in the image above to get across the laser field easily.

How to defeat Vulcan in Tower of Fantasy

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Vulcan uses electrical attacks, which means using Volt elemental weapons isn’t the best option. Use Fire or Ice elemental weapons to deal heavy damage to this boss. He shoots a laser beam that can be dodged easily. Vulcan also charges at players, and we recommend dodging it at the last second to activate Phantasia. 

Vulcan also throws down his weapon to create shockwaves all across the ground. You can either jump to the poles on the sides or use the Omnium Handcannon Relic to create a pillar. Standing on the ground will electrify your character incurring great damage. Move around quickly, and get behind Vulcan to attack with ease. The treasure opens up after defeating the boss, and you can claim it before exiting the Ruin.

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