Animal Crossing New Horizons provides you with tons of different ways to design and customize your island. However, pesky weeds can quickly turn your gardening masterpiece into an unorganized mess. You can quickly remove all of these weeds with the help of Leif, a cute sloth who can randomly appear on your island!

As stated above, Leif will randomly appear in your island’s Plaza and sell flowers, crops, and bushes between 5am and 6pm. Alongside selling those items to you, he also provides a weed pulling service for a whopping 100,000 Bells. If you have a ton of weeds, then this service is totally worth it!

If you’d like to save some Bells and don’t mind spending a bit more time, you could also pay Isabelle 20,000 Bells to enact the Beautiful Island ordinance. This ordinance makes it so that your villagers take care of the weeds over the course of a few days. It isn’t overnight, but it definitely saves you a lot more money!

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