There are few games that are as gutturally satisfying as PowerWash Simulator. It falls in the same vein of unlikely, yet addicting, titles like trucking sims. The core gameplay loop is its own reward with the blasting of muck and grime being a clear progress indicator. But, while this is good for a first pass, players will need to rely on the tablet to make sure they’ve hit every spot. And when players come to the carousel, there are a few particularly troublesome spots to find.

Where are the Horse Rods in PowerWash Simulator?

The horse rods are the vertical bars holding each carousel horse in place. Cleaning them can be a hassle because of the 360 degrees of space and being above and below the horses. Throwing another wrench into the equation is that if players have stopped the carousel to clean, this covers parts of the horse rods in the floors and ceiling. The carousel must be moving to finish cleaning the horse rods.

The carousel is one of the first “puzzles” that players will encounter in PowerWash Simulator and has led to many a head-scratching situation. But it’s this outside-the-box thinking that keeps PowerWash Simulator from getting stale.

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