To claim Prime Gaming rewards for Far Cry 6, you will first need to link your Prime Gaming account. To do this, head over to the Prime gaming site and log in.

You can find the Prime Gaming site by logging into your Twitch account and looking under Prime rewards or simply going to the site via the official link.

Either one will require you to log in using your Amazon account info if you haven’t already. That said, once you log into Prime Gaming, locate the Far Cry Prime Gaming rewards tab shown below.

When you find it, there will be a tab that says claim, click it, and it will send you to another tab. In this next tab, you will need to link your Uplay account with Amazon Prime Gaming. This is done by logging into your Uplay account and clicking the link when asked to.

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Once both your Amazon Prime and Uplay accounts are linked, you will be able to claim the Vaquero Bundle by hitting claim when you are directed back to the bundle page.

You will also be able to claim future bundles, not only just for Far Cry 6 but other games published and made by Ubisoft. To do this, simply locate the bundle, hit claim, and then claim again the tab it should link you to afterward. 

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