The Winter Express Limited-Time Mode (LTM) is a long-time fan favorite for Apex Legends players. In the original iteration of the LTM, loadouts were ties to Legends. As of Dec. 2021, that is no longer the case. Now when players load in, they can choose their loadout. That said, it isn’t as free of a choice as it is in Arenas. There are five choices to choose from and they change every hour.

Loadout Categories

  • Specialist
    This category focuses on trickier close-range weapons such as the Wingman and Peacekeeper.
  • Close-Quarters
    This category is based around SMGs and will also include a pistol or shotgun.
  • Assault
    This category will always include one assault rifle.
  • Heavy
    The category favors heavy fire power, but doesn’t always include a Heavy ammo gun.
  • Long-Range
    This category will always have a marksman or sniper weapon.

You choose a loadout when the game begins, but you can also change your loadout between rounds.

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Choosing an Optic

Loadout Optics Winter Express
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides

Each weapon has a set of optics you can choose from that are compatible with that weapon. Use the optic switch command by hovering over the weapon in the loadout out and pressing the indicated key/button. You will see the list of all available optics pop up. Some weapons have certain optics locked away even though the gun is compatible with it for balance reasons.

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