Unlike other tactical shooters on the market, Riot Games does not natively display in-depth player stats like K/D, agent mastery, or win ratio on the Valorant Client. Even the stats displayed for yourself and your friends are limited and of no use to analyze a player’s skill. The best way to check any player’s stats is to use a third-party application like tracker.gg and type in their Riot ID.

What is tracker.gg?

Tracker.gg is one of the world’s leading websites to track and analyze in-depth player stats for competitive Video Games. By using tracker.gg, you can find stats of players in games like Valorant, Apex Legends, and more.

How to view your Player’s Stats in Valorant

To view your stats, follow the given steps given below:

  • Open the tracker.gg/valorant URL on your web browser.
  • Click on the “Sign in with Riot ID” option and sign in to your Valorant account. The website will ask you to grant permission to access your account. Provide it at your own risk.
  • A new window containing detailed information like your total playtime, K/D, and agent mastery will be displayed.
  • To check other players’ stats, you must type the player’s Riot ID in the search box.

What are the alternatives to tracker.gg?

Apart from tracker.gg, you can use the following websites to check player stats:

  • dak.gg
  • blitz.gg
  • senpai.gg

Remember, details of other players or your friends will only be found if they have an account on the website.

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