One of the biggest bragging rights in the FIFA 23 community is the number of wins you have secured in the online version of the FIFA Ultimate Team. Unlike past editions of the game, where the accessibility of records was straightforward from the FUT screen, the current FIFA 23 requires you to browse some menus before you can see study your track record. To see the FUT club record in FIFA 23, you must visit the Club menu inside your FIFA Ultimate Team section.

Where is your FUT Club menu?

As mentioned earlier, you must visit your Club section to view your club record. To do this, follow the given steps mentioned below.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO
  • Open FIFA 23 and be available in your main menu/home screen.
  • Click on Ultimate Team from the main menu. You can find the FUT icon second on the main menu list.
  • Inside the Ultimate Team menu, hover over the main menu and reach the Club section using the RB/LB or R1/R2 button if you are on a gamepad. For PC players, use your mouse or Q/E button to find the Club.
  • After opening the Club section, you can find the number of wins, losses, and draws you have achieved with your FUT club in the Stadium sub-menu.
  • All your records will be 0-0-0 if you are just starting out your career in the FUT leagues.

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