If you run out of Ki while playing Zenkai Origins, you may get worried about how to get it back. Don’t panic! We have the instructions on how to recharge your key in this handy article below.

What is Ki?

The term Ki comes from Japanese spirituality and martial arts. But for Zenkai Origins, the term is based on the use of the word Ki in the Dragon Ball franchise. Ki is a type of energy harnessed from deep within a person. When activated, it enhances many aspects of a person, especially those related to fighting. In Zenkai Origins, it adds to endurance, strength, etc. You can kind of think of it as a turbo boost for fighting. And like turbo boosts, Ki is not endlessly sustainable and will run out, need to be recharged.

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How to Charge Ki

When you are fighting in Zenkai Origins, you may know what using controls is very important. Most controls are letters on the keyboard, though some use keys like shift or spacebar. Ki is no different in the game and also uses a keyboard command. To charge up your Ki, use the C key on your keyboard. Hold it down until it is full. Be warned, you cannot perform other actions while charging Ki!

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