In League of Legends, you should be placing as many wards as possible. But the original green skin for wards can be very boring. Luckily, there are hundreds of different skins you can apply to wards to personalize them and make them your own. So how do you change your ward skin in League of Legends?

Unlocking new Ward Skins

Ward Skins can be unlocked in League of Legends in a number of ways. You can receive them as a prize for unlocking chests, or you can pay for them using Blue Essence or Riot Points. Some ward skins are Legacy or limited content, and can only be obtained for a limited time.

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You can view, but not select your ward skins in the Collections section in the League of Legends client. Once you’ve acquired a ward skin, it’s time to change your skin.

Applying a ward skin

You can only select your ward skin in the champion select screen of the game. Once you’ve queued for and entered any game in any game mode, you’ll need to first select your champion. Once your champion is locked in, you’ll be able to switch your ward skin to any of the choices you have available.

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If the ward selection is currently grayed out in your client, this is because you still need to select your champion. You cannot change or alter your ward skin until your champion is selected. Depending on the game mode, this may mean you’ll only have a few seconds to select your ward skin, so make sure you have the skin you want to use in mind before you start.

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