Dodgeball Academia features an eclectic cast of characters that will join Otto on his quest to be the very best dodgeballer the Academy has seen. Thus the player has many different options when choosing who will play on their team in matches.

While you will eventually expand your team to many members, only a maximum of three can take the court at a time. To select which members of your roster will participate in dodge ball matches, simply move the three characters you want to the top. Certain matches will limit you to just one or two members, so the order is very important.

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This is done in the team menu. This tab will show all your available teammates as well as their stats and what items they have equipped. It also shows their bio, moves, and abilities. Each character has their unique Balltimate move in addition to different throwing techniques and catching/countering moves, so party composition can change how you play.

With a large and diverse cast of characters to choose from, there are numerous strategies to employ during dodge ball matches. Through experimenting, you can find the best combinations to take on any team and challenge. As the game progresses, you may find yourself having to make multiple changes to your roster.

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