Splatoon 3 offers numerous ways to customize your Inkling or Octoling and improve your freshness. You can get all kinds of awesome gear to change your look or visit the stylish for cool hairstyles. But another way you can show off your style is with your Splashtag. This may leave you wondering how to change your Splashtag in Splatoon 3.

How to edit your Splashtag in Splatoon 3

To modify your Splashtag, head to Splatsville, the hub city for Splatoon 3. Press X to open your menu and navigate to the Status tab with the R button. You can see your Splashtag at the top of this tab—click on this to edit it. This lets you edit your banner, badge, and title as you see fit.

Your options will be limited initially, but as you play Splatoon 3, you can earn and purchase more. The Hotlantis store will see cosmetics for your Splashtag, but you can get some just by playing the game.

You Splashtag is a good way to show off your style and personality to other players in multiplayer. You can always change it up at any time to fit your mood. Check out other players’ Splashtags to get inspiration for your own as well.

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