It’s an unspoken rule that the fashion game is the real endgame, no matter the title. This couldn’t be more true in Tower of Fantasy, where your character’s appearance is a big part of the experience. After all, you’re likely to want a character who you identify with or enjoy looking at as you explore this post-apocalyptic world. But say there’s something off when you initially create your character. How does one change that?

Can you change your appearance in Tower of Fantasy?

There are two ways to change your character’s appearance in Tower of Fantasy. The first comes through reaching a certain point early on in the tutorial. Your character will step onto a platform, and you’ll be able to edit their appearance.

The second is later in the game through the backpack. Open the backpack menu and select the button that says Outfits at the bottom of the screen. It will be above the Simulacra option. In this menu, you can change your character’s outfit. To change their physical appearance, you’ll click the button that looks like a head. This will take you to the character creation screen. Any and all changes will cost 100 Dark Crystals.

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