Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games have partnered up to create MultiVersus, an online platform fighting game. Most of the title’s content is online, meaning you must select your age before playing. For those who picked the wrong age or want to modify it, you may be wondering how to change your age in MultiVersus.

There is no in-game method to change your age once you have already selected it in MultiVersus. You must go outside of the game to do it on PC. Those on consoles must create a whole new account to change their age. Here is how to change your age in MultiVersus in PC.

  • Click your search bar and type in %appdata%.
  • Leave the Roaming folder.
  • Open the Local, MultiVersus, and Saved folders.
  • Delete the SaveGames folder.
  • Relaunch MultiVersus and select the age 18 or older (more on this below).

What does age do in MultiVersus?

MultiVersus is rated for 13+, and if you do not pick an appropriate age, certain features will be unavailable to you. You may also be stuck in offline mode and not be able to play online. For this reason, we recommend setting your age as 18+ or higher to ensure you can enjoy all aspects of MultiVersus. The title is still in beta, and an in-game feature to change your age will likely come.

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