Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword initially came out on the Wii U, and the entire game’s main premise was 1.1 motion controls. Which at the time was pretty awesome, but many people want to sit back and play without waving their arms around. Now it’s possible with Skyward Sword HD.

To change your control settings to buttons instead of motion controls is very simple. When on the main menu of the game, where you select your game save file. Head down to Options in the bottom left-hand corner. A new screen will appear, and under amiibo is the Control Mode setting.

This may or may not be greyed out, depending on what you are already using to play. If you are using Joy-Cons, the Control Mode option will not be greyed out, and you can switch between Motion Controls or Button-Only Controls. If you are playing on a Switch Pro Controller, Button-Only Controls will be on by default, and you cannot change this to Motion Controls.

If you want to try out one or the other before deciding, you can change the control type in-game. Press the Plus (+) button, and then once again hit options in the bottom left-hand corner, and follow the same instructions as above.

However, you decide to play Skyward Sword HD is completely up to you. Now due to the wireless Joy-Cons playing in motion, controls may not be too bad. You have complete freedom to over-exaggerate where this was extremely limited on the Wii U.

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