Forza Horizon 5 brings all of the tunes and continues its tradition of having different radio stations catering to all tastes and genres. To take advantage of these songs, you need to be able to hear them, so here is how to change the station in Forza Horizon 5.

To change the station in the game, you need to press Right on the D-Pad. You will then start to cycle through all of the radio stations that Forza Horizon has to offer.

Image via Playground Games

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The good thing about Forza Horizon 5 is that you don’t need to wait to unlock all radio stations. Apart from having to put up a satellite to listen to Horizon Pulse, all of the stations are there from the start this time around.

If you are not in the mood for music at points, you can keep cycling through until it says No Radio. You can then blitz around Mexico, listening to nothing but the sound of your engine and the environment around you! Either way, we have your back!

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