In FIFA 23, players can choose from various pre-built options to customize the camera angle for the perfect view. You can also adjust zoom, height, and other factors to get a proper perspective of the entire field. Camera settings can be changed while playing different game modes like Career Mode, Online Seasons, and even Ultimate Team. The default setup may not provide the perfect vision which is why there is a range of camera options players can choose from. Here’s how to change the camera angle in FIFA 23.

How to switch cameras in FIFA 23

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To change the camera angle in FIFA 23 visit Game Settings. Navigate to the Camera tab, and you will find a range of options to select from. You can change Single Player, Multiplayer, Pro Clubs, Be a Keeper, and Locked to Player Camera settings in this tab. For Be a Keeper, we recommend keeping End to End or Pro camera angle as it gives you more visibility across the field. The angle options in Single Player, Pro Clubs, and Multiplayer Camera are as follows:

  • Default
  • EA Sports GameCam
  • Tele Broadcast
  • Tele
  • Co-op
  • Classic
  • Dynamic
  • End to End
  • Pro
  • Broadcast

Similarly, you can customize the angle for Be a Keeper Camera. We recommend changing these settings beforehand as you may not get enough time during a match. Additionally, players can also adjust Camera Settings by changing it from Default. Select the Custom option in Camera Settings to change Camera Height, Camera Zoom, Pro Camera Zoom, Pro Camera Speed, and Pro Camera Swing. You can also switch on the Power Shot Zoom feature in the Camera tab. This adds a dynamic camera treatment when your players are attempting a Power Shot during matches.

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