The Serenitea Pot allows you to live in a pocket-sized abode, with an environment that changes depending on the Realm style you choose. However, each Realm comes with default background music, which can be annoying to hear once you grow tired of it.

To change your Realm’s background music, start by speaking to Tubby to access the Realm Depot.

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Under the Riches of the Realm category, purchase any one of these two music players for 300 Realm Currency each:

  • Euphonium Unbound: Winding
  • Euphonium Unbound: Soaring

The Euphonium Unbound: Winding can only be used indoors, while Euphonium Unbound: Soaring can only be used outdoors. Having both allows you to play different indoor and outdoor music.

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The Euphonium Unbound music players come with a default set of music. However, if you’re interested in purchasing more, you need to wait for Chubby to visit your Realm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. He sells two random Radiant Spincrystals for 100 Realm Currency each. They contain various music from all over Teyvat.

Chubby offers different wares in each Realm, so if you don’t like the two in the shop, you can visit a friend’s Realm to check out what theirs has for sale. After purchasing a Radiant Spincrystal, simply interact with the Euphonium Unbound and unlock the tune that you’ve purchased. Don’t forget to click the Switch button to change your Realm’s background music.

Default Euphonium Unbound Music Tracks

Hence, Begins the JourneyLiyue
The City Favored by WindMaiden’s Longing
Pure SkyMoon in One’s Cup

Radiant Spincrystal Music Tracks

Radiant SpincrystalMusic Track
Radiant Spincrystal 2A Sweet Smile
Radiant Spincrystal 5The Edge of the Prairie
Radiant Spincrystal 6A Tale of Two Dragons
Radiant Spincrystal 7Happy Journey
Radiant Spincrystal 8Legend of the Wind
Radiant Spincrystal 9Bustling Afternoon in Mondstadt
Radiant Spincrystal 10Dusk in Mondstadt
Radiant Spincrystal 12Moonlight in Mondstadt
Radiant Spincrystal 13Another Day in Mondstadt
Radiant Spincrystal 17A Happy Day
Radiant Spincrystal 25Good Night, Liyue
Radiant Spincrystal 29Winding River
Radiant Spincrystal 30Mild Waves
Radiant Spincrystal 31Rhythm Amidst the Reeds
Radiant Spincrystal 33Flow of Mildness
Radiant Spincrystal 35Legends Swept Away
Radiant Spincrystal 36Plain of Nostalgia
Radiant Spincrystal 37Rhythms From the Conch
Radiant Spincrystal 40Above the Sea of Clouds
Radiant Spincrystal 41Rays of Sunlight

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