To change member tactics in Scarlet Nexus, you will first need to progress to the point where you have a few party members in your party. 

This will be pretty far in Scarlet Nexus, but around the early middle portion of the game, and when you reach this point, you will be able to change tactics via the party tab.

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In this tab, you can change team member tactics to a choice of six tactics. So if you want to change team member tactics, you will need to open the party tab shown above.

After this, you will be presented with a list of team member tactics to change your party members to; here’s what all of them do. 

  • Fight to the Brink – This will make them focus on killing others and act aggressively in battle
  • Battle At Will – allows your teammates to fight with no restrictions.
  • Target Same Enemy – This will make teammates fight the same enemy as you. 
  • Target Different Enemy – This tactic will tell your teammates to spread out and attack multiple others. 
  • Evasive Maneuvers – This will tell your teammates to avoid combat and stay at a distance. 
  • Don’t Overdo It – This tactic will set your teammates to a status where they will still fight but let you do most of the work. 

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