As you play Tower of Fantasy and explore the planet of Aida, you can unlock various looks for your character. This includes Simulacra which act as skins and alter your character’s entire appearance. But if you have grown attached to your character, you can opt to change your outfit instead. This may leave you wondering how to swap outfits in Tower of Fantasy.

How to switch outfits in Tower of Fantasy

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To change your outfit in Tower of Fantasy, open your settings and go to your Backpack. You will see an option for Outfits near the bottom of the screen. Click on this to go to the Outift tab. Here you can see all your available and locked outfits. Simply select the outfit you wish to change to, but be aware that this only applies to your created avatar.

How to unlock all outfits in Tower of Fantasy

There are various ways to unlock outfits in Tower of Fantasy. Some can be purchased using the in-game premium currency, reaching exploration milestones, or through the battle pass. Here is how to unlock all outfits in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Star Sand: Pre-registration Rewards
  • Desperado: 1,280 Tanium
  • The Mission: 1,280 Tanium
  • Wasteland: First Pass Limited Rewards
  • Operation Streamer: 1,280 Tanium
  • Conquerer: Reach 85% Astra Exploration.
  • Wasteland Wanderer: Reach 85% Banges Exploration.
  • Scavenger Outfit: Reach 85% Crown Exploration.
  • Roamer: Reach 85% Navia Exploration.
  • Visitor in the Snow: Reach 85% Warren Exploration.

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