Despite the fact that Pokemon Legends: Arecus is set hundreds of years in the past, it has quite a few features in common with the newer gen games. This includes things like leveling up Pokemon by catching others and adding in outfits. Changing outfits is a fun part of the game that can help bring out your style.

Changing outfits is a simple process, although you can’t just do it on the fly when you’re exploring an area. To change an outfit, you will need to go to your home in Jubilife City. Once there, go to the mirror next to your bed and press A, this will bring up the outfit customization menu.

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You can wear any items that you’ve obtained in-game simply by finding them in their respective menu and pressing A on your controller. You can mix and match some outfits to create a unique look or only choose to wear the ones that fit the mission you are currently in.

The mirror can also be used to change your eye color. The different eye colors will be available to you from the very start of the game.

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