Slime Rancher 2 is a fun and casual adventure simulation game on PC and is free to play on Xbox Game Pass. Continue as Beatrix from the first Slime Rancher, and continue her explorations to a brand new world of Rainbow Island. There is so much to discover and uncover in this mysterious and beautiful land, from harvesting resources to collecting Slimes. There are controls for everything you do in Slime Rancher 2, and you can customize them however you like to enhance your experience.

You customize the keybinds in the Options menu found on the main menu or during your gameplay through your start menu. The Options menu holds every setting you could need, from volume controls to graphics and gameplay specifics that you can change at any time.

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Once you navigate the Options menu, switch to the Bindings tab, symbolized by the Y and A icons. This tab will list all the current controls for the game. You can switch any of them by pressing on them. You can Reset Defaults at any time on the bottom right of the menu if you happen to make a change you don’t like. Ensure you press the Apply button on the bottom left to save any modifications you make.

Selecting any control on the list will allow you to change them to a different button or key. This Input menu will show up as soon as you select it, prompting you to select the button you prefer. You will have limited time to select one, as shown by the countdown in the middle of the menu. Press the key or button and wait for the countdown to finish and the Input pop-up to disappear.

You can customize any controls or settings for the game to create a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for you as you play, and you can change them at any time if you change your mind later on. It’s simple and easy for any device you choose to play on.

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