Dying Light 2 is now available for download, and players cannot wait to explore the vast map, parkouring from one rooftop to the other. Knowing where to move is critical, which is why you need the proper field of view to identify things clearly.

Players can change their FOV by visiting graphics settings. The FOV slider option is present above Antialiasing Quality. Move the slider towards the right to have a high FOV in-game. The default value of the FOV is 0, and players will get a wider view of the environment by moving up the slider.

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Changing the FOV in Dying Light 2 is discretionary since the game provides the basic view settings as default. Players can experiment with the FOV slider to see which setting gives them the best visuals in-game. 

Having a low FOV can limit vision, forcing players to rotate their characters more for sight. On the contrary, having extremely high FOV will make things tiny and difficult to spot. Keep changing the value on the FOV slider to find the perfect balance that suits your gameplay. 

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