There’s no hiding the sheer beauty of Gran Turismo 7’s breath-taking world. Thanks to its impeccable 4K resolution and stunningly realistic vehicles and courses, the game topples all of its earlier chapters—and then some.

Toying around with the display settings is something both newcomers and veterans will want to do before embarking on Gran Turismo 7’s lengthy campaign. Fortunately, finding its palette of adjustable specifications isn’t overly difficult. Tweaking them to meet your standards, however, involves more trial and error and can mean trying out numerous settings before settling for the perfect balance.

Display Settings

  • From the World Map, navigate to the GT Menu at the top left corner of the screen.
  • From the Global tab in the GT Menu, find and select Display Settings.

From the Display Settings, you can alter the Saturation, and the Exposure. PlayStation 5 users can also access Graphics Priority, which allows for you to prioritize either the frame rate or ray-tracing. Prioritizing the frame rate will disable ray-tracing, but allow for the game to run at 60fps. Prioritizing ray-tracing will improve the lighting and reflections, but will lower the frame rate.

The fourth and final option in the Display Settings is the Display Settings Assistant. Selecting this will run you through a series of prompts, allowing for you to alter your display to suit your environment.

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