Triangle Strategy has four difficulty options for players to choose from. Players can choose the difficulty they wish to play on when starting the game. You can change this choice at any time in the settings menu. This can easily be accessed at any point during gameplay.

What difficulties are available?

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The four difficulty settings that players can choose from are Very Easy, Easy, Normal, and Hard. For players unfamiliar with the gameplay and unique combat systems that Triangle Strategy employs, it is a good idea to start out the game on Easy or Normal difficulty. Once players have a better grasp of the game, Hard won’t be too difficult.

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The game’s difficulty settings will all impact the game’s AI in combat. The higher the difficulty setting, the more intelligent the AI will be in combat. The Very Easy and Easy difficulty settings provide players with a laid-back and simple experience, allowing them to fully focus on the game’s story and dialogue. Normal and Hard difficulty are for the more experienced players looking for a bit of challenge in their gameplay.

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