The ability to fully customize your Rider in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is a fun feature that offers players an extra element of immersion. The protagonist isn’t the only character whose appearance can be altered throughout the story, however; companions Ena and Navirou can also be dressed in various outfits, and will appear in cutscenes wearing whatever you’ve equipped them with.

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How to change Ena and Navirou’s outfits

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Giving either companion a new outfit follows the same procedure as altering your own appearance: enter your House (in any home region/village) and interact with the chest. So long as Navirou and Ena are both in your party, the options to change their outfits will appear in the chest menu.

How to obtain new companion outfits

Without visiting in-game shops, you may have already collected a decent amount of companion outfits, such as:

  • Ena’s Kamura Maiden Outfit (pre-order bonus)
  • Ena’s Kuan Coat and Navirou’s two monster-inspired outfits (Deluxe Edition)
  • Ena’s White Dress (advance the storyline in Rutoh Village)
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Additional companion outfits can be bought at the Melynx Inc. stand in exchange for bottle caps. Navirou’s outfits are indicated by a paw logo, and will state in the item description that they are meant for Navirou’s wear. Melynx Inc. also sells some outfits for Ena, but they are color variations of her starter outfit.

There are plenty of DLC cosmetics available for purchase as well, which you can browse through at any Connecticat in home regions. The DLC cosmetics include five new outfits for Ena (including the Kuan Coat) and one new outfit for Navirou.

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