If you are wondering how to change your clothes so you can wear new and exciting outfits in PowerWash Simulator, it’s easy. However, you first must purchase an outfit/skin before you can change your clothes in PowerWash Simulator. That said, you can buy outfits/skins by opening the Store. The prices tend to vary from item to item, but as long as you have at least 1K dollars, you should be able to buy a few new clothing options.

Once you purchase a few clothing items, you can then change your clothes by going into the Equipment menu. You can open the Equipment menu by holding down the E key. After opening the Equipment menu, open the Clothing section where you can change your clothes in PowerWash Simulator. To change your clothes inside the Clothing section of the Equipment menu, press on one of the clothing equipment options displayed. Clicking on either Outfits or Gloves will allow you to change your currently equipped Outfit or Glove to a new one.

How to buy clothes in PowerWash Simulator

To buy clothes in PowerWash Simulator, you must purchase them inside the game’s Store. To open the Store option, click the icon in the top right of the game’s in-game tablet. Doing so will open the Store, where you can buy various customization options in the form of skins for Gloves and Outfits. You can also purchase cleaning liquid and various equipment inside the Store, but ignore these options for now and just select Clothing. Under the Clothing tab inside the Store, you can buy various clothing items and skins for your character in PowerWash Simulator. 

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