Horizon Forbidden West is the follow-up to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Forbidden West has raised the bar set by its predecessor, a game that was praised for its smooth and fun combat system, by adding even more systems and weapon techniques. Horizon Forbidden West has weapon techniques that can be changed by pressing L1, hovering over a weapon, and then pressing the D-Pad buttons.

What are weapon techniques in Horizon Forbidden West?

Weapon techniques can be unlocked in the game’s different skill trees. Players have to use skill points to purchase these, but they are well worth it. Along with Valor Surges, weapon techniques are one way that players can customize their fighting style in the game and give a new feel to each fight.

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Weapon techniques are a combat mechanic that players can use to make their attacks more powerful and change the effect that their attacks have on enemies. They can come in handy and get players out of some tight situations. Weapon techniques are a great way for players to change up their combat styles against different enemies.

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