Bugsnax has a lot of creatures to capture and every one of them has to be captured in a specific way. The Cuppacceetle took a few pages out of the roaming Pokémon notebook as it scurries all over the place in a desperate attempt to avoid you. Luckily, if you can track it down, it can be caught with some strategy.

How to find the Cuppacceetle in Bugsnax

You won’t be able to find Cuppacceetle until you have received the Triangle Key from the island of Big Snax. Afterward, you will need to head to Boiling Bay and use the key to get into the Triplicate Space where you will find the elusive Cuppacceetle.

Cuppacceetle is a roaming Bugsnak that can be found in several areas of the game but will run away from you the second it sees your character. Here are the areas that the Cuppacceetle will move through.

  • Flavor Falls
  • Sizzling Sands
  • Boiling bay
  • Frosted Peak

It’s noted to appear around the statues of the defeated Bugsnax bosses and will run to another area if given a chance.

How to capture the Cuppacceetle

You can’t use any of your tools to capture the Cappacceetle. Instead, you need to make it run into another Bugsnax. To date, it’s best to wait until it gets to Flavor Falls and use chocolate sauce to make it collide with the Sandopede.

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