There are many cute and mysterious creatures you can find while playing Little Witch in the Woods. But how about the elusive Pumpkin Terrier? We’ve got a few tips that make this enigmatic puppy a lot less confusing.

How can you find Pumpkin Terriers in Little Witch in the Woods?

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If you’re looking for Pumpkin Terriers, you’ll need to look outside between late night and early morning. They can be found in many places across the map, but they’re likely to be found around the Witch’s house and the entry to the Village. To interact with them, you’ll have to hold down the interact key and chase them as they run away, only to interact again. You’ll have to do a series of short bursts of holding the key down, chasing them, holding the key down, until you finally fill up the red bar within the circle. Once you are done, they’ll leave behind some fur.

How to get Pumpkin Terrier Fur in Little Witch in the Woods

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Pumpkin Terrier Furs are the remnants of you catching and pulling on the Pumpkin Terrier. The Fur left behind will show up as a yellow patch of material on the ground. You don’t have to keep the Pumpkin Terrier nearby to collect these, so don’t worry if it scampers off. You can collect this Fur and bring it back to the workshop to use in candies and potions. It can be put through the Extractor to make Pumpkin Terrier Fur Extract.

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