One-Eyed Frogs are a creature in Little Witch in the Woods that can be used in recipes for many different types of candies and potions. Catching the frog is not hard, as long as you practice a bit and are mindful of time and location.

What time of day can you find One-Eyed Frogs?

You will not be able to spot any One-Eyed frogs during the day in Little Witch in the Woods. They only appear at night, once it is fully dark. To make sure you have enough energy during the evening to go hunt for them, consider taking a nap on the bench outside of the Witch’s home. Once it is dark out, you can head toward a large body of water to search for them. There does not seem to be any difference with the weather on whether or not they appear, only time of day.

How do you catch One-Eyed Frogs in Little Witch in the Woods?

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Once it is fully dark, head to a large pond area. The best one on the map is the area to the West of the Withered Beansprout. This is the same area you’ll see Blue Bubble Lizards on sunny days. Once there, make sure your net is equipped. Use the Sneak button to slowly approach the frogs. Once close enough, activate your net and scoop them up. Knowing when to release the net and making sure you aren’t too close can take some getting used to, so don’t be discouraged if you cause one to run away the first couple of times.

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