Final Fantasy is all about adventuring and dangerous battles. But even heroes sometimes need time off. Enter Island Sanctuary, where you can enjoy the scenery, grow plants, and craft items, and enjoy searching for new creatures to ride. A colossal alligator is one of the most exciting animals, but he’s tough to find. Here’s how to catch this beast in Island Sanctuary in FFXIV!

How to Find and Capture an Alligator in Island Sanctuary

You need to be well prepared if you want to catch an alligator, as it’s a huge and strong animal. To pull this off, you must reach rank 8 on Island Sanctuary and go to X: 17, Y: 24 coordinates. That’s where the creature will spawn when the time and weather conditions are right.

Conditions for catching an Alligator in FFXIV

  • When you’re hunting, location thing you must have to think about. You’ll need to hunt between 8 and 9 am (Eorzean Time) to catch an alligator on Island, Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV. Also, you’ll need to get wet a little bit as it has to be a Showers type of weather for this animal to appear.

Items need for capturing an Alligator in Island Sanctuary

  • As Alligator is a large animal, you’ll need to create the Makeshift Soporific item. For this, you’ll need to collect one Island Sap, two Island Laver, and two Island Jellyfish items.

How to catch an Alligator in FFXIV

If you’ve met all conditions and are at the right spot (the stream), an alligator will appear. He’s not dangerous, but to catch an alligator in Island Sanctuary, you’ll need to approach him from behind. That way, he won’t be able to evade your trap. And that’s about it, congratulations, you are a proud owner of an alligator! Play nice, and it won’t eat you or your other creatures.

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