To get a snail in New World, you will need to have a fishing pole. You can craft a fishing pole via workbench like with all tools in the game. Along with crafting, you can also get a fishing pole by completing quests in the game.

Once you have a fishing pole, you will catch a snail in New World by using it at a fishing hot spot.

However, just any old fishing hot spot will not be enough to get a snail as certain hotspots have a low chance of getting snails, while others seem to have higher chances of finding snails. 

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These locations are usually secret fishing spots, such as the one near Primrose in Windward shown below. In this location, players reported high chances of getting snails by fishing in the hotspot.

But, secret fishing spots are not the only places to find snails, other good spots to catch snails include Hatchburg Fishery in First Light. 

That said, for more places and fishing spots to catch yourself some snails, we recommend going to fishing spots in the following locations. 

  • Brightwood
  • Monarch’s Bluff
  • Edengrove
  • Everfall

If you want to locate fishing hotspots in these locations, we recommend using the resource map to locate all of them and going to ones in the regions listed above. 

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