Players will find out quite early in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy that Developer Square-Enix has captured the heart of what makes this world and these characters so fun and immersive. Near the end of Chapter 1, your Guardians will face a foe that stalks in the darkness with blazing speed and ferocious red eyes, and through some quick thinking, you can best it.

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This elusive shadow-creature will spend its time hiding in the darkness, avoiding any shots from your blaster, or attacks you may get close enough to attempt. Take a moment to survey the battlefield and you’ll find that the Creature is actually moving to crates littered around the environment and hiding behind them until you attack.

Instead of targeting the Creature, destroy all of the crates to take away its hiding spaces and soon the shadowy beast will be revealed to your crew, leading to your first major choice of the game.

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