To call off an engagement in BitLife, you will first need to get a fiancee. You can get a fiancee by building a relationship with someone and start dating them. 

Eventually, if you increase their relationship meter to its highest point while dating them, you will eventually get a marriage proposal. You can also just ask them to marry you by proposing to them. Either method will be sufficient enough if you are looking to complete challenges like the Dangerous Woman. 

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Once you have an engagement, you will then need to locate your fiancee under the relationship tab and click them. Clicking their profile tab will give you a whole list of options you can use in BitLife. However, the option you will want to find is cancel engagement. Clicking this option will allow you to call off the engagement with your fiancee. 

If you are trying to complete the Dangerous Woman challenge in Bitlife, you will need to call off a total of four engagements by using cancel engagement under their profile. 

To do this, simply build relationships with a total of four people and ask them to marry you. When they accept, call off the engagement using the cancel engagement option under their profile. 

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