If you ever wanted to give or buy someone a house in Bitlife, here’s how and where you can do it in the game.

How to buy someone a house in Bitlife

To give your mother a house in Bitlife, you must first buy the house from a relator and then select it under the asset tab. You can find your house under the listing that lists all properties owned by you in the asset tab.

Under your house’s tab, you will have the option to give your mother a house by selecting the gift option and then selecting your mother as the recipient of the house. 

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You can also use this option to raise the opinion and relation of other people as well, especially if the house is expensive. However, if you are having trouble gifting a house, or if a person is refusing it, it may because the house is not expensive enough. 

Because of this, we would recommend attempting to purchase a different house or gifting it to someone else. You may also only want to gift houses if you are rich as most homes cost 100k and up can quickly bankrupt you.

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